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International Center for Sustainable Built Environment (ICB) Pvt Ltd


International Center for Sustainable Built Environment ICB (Pvt) Ltd. offers solutions in Structural designing, Architectural Designing, Structural health monitoring for all structures, Green consultancy, Land and other surveying and laboratory testing covering all civil engineering aspects, that brings a successful sustainable growth strategy to the rapidly developing nation. ICB (Pvt) Ltd was established with a vision to be a leader in structural engineering structural health monitoring and green engineering; guiding the nation to a sustainable future. Our mission is to serve the stake holders of the built environment with the highest level of professional standards in structural engineering, structural health monitoring and green technology; ensuring safety, bringing in creativity and innovation, and promoting environmental conservation using sustainable approaches.

Management Team


Board of Directors

Prof. (Eng.) Ranjith Dissanayake
B.Sc.Eng. (Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Japan), MIESL. FIIIRR

Suranga Karunanayake
B.Sc. Eng.(Hons), M.Phil, AMIE(SL), GREENSL AP



Civil Engineering Consultancy Services

Structural Engineering
Design reviewing and providing consultancy to achieve best results

Environmental Engineering
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Air Dispersion Modeling, Marine EIA and CZMP, Social Impact Assessments, Environment Audit, Solid waste audit and Management

Transportation Engineering
Traffic surveying, Road and Bridge Design

Geotechnical Engineering
Foundation designing, Slope stability analysis

Coastal Engineering
Environmental impact assessment, Design and consult of coastal structures

Structural Designing
Design any kind of structures (Steel, Concrete or Composite) and provide drawings and other required details.

Architectural Services
Provide any kind of architectural design and consultancy service.

Structural Health monitoring of structures
Check the condition of the structure by performing the relevant onsite and laboratory testing and provide solutions and recommendations to overcome problem.

Green Consultancy

Provide green consultancy from the beginning of the project and finally provide assessment report to acquire Green Certification from the Sri Lanka Green Building Council.

Land and other surveying services

Provide any kind of engineering survey using the latest technology.

Laboratory tests covering all civil engineering aspects

Structural and Material Engineering Testing

Material and component testing facilities ( a 1000 kN universal testing machine, a 10 kNm torsion machine and a 3000 kN compression testing machine)
Experimental stress analysis and non-destructive tests (strain measurements, rebound hammer test, photo elasticity, ultrasonic tests, Half-cell potential test, Microscopically examinations ,hardness and permeability tests etc).
Testing of Aggregates
Fully computer controlled portable on line data monitoring and logging systems for strains, displacements and loads etc up to 200 channels.
Testing of full-scale structural elements such as electric poles, man-hole covers, wall panels, hume pipes

Environmental Engineering test

Analysis of water / wastewater quality parameters (both laboratory & field testing to ensure conformity to Sri Lankan and WHO standards)
Analysis of bacteriological quality of water (Total coli form and fecal coli form tests )
Jar tests (Chemical usage in water and wastewater treatment)
Ambient air quality monitoring (using computerized mobile air quality monitoring station)

Geotechnical Engineering test

Soil classification & strength tests: (particle size, shrinkage, erodibility, direct shear, standard triaxial test, CBR)
Compressibility & drainage tests: (consolidation, compaction, permeability)
Advanced tests: (stress path controlled triaxial, large scale static triaxial, ROWE consolidation, resistivity)
Rock tests: (uniaxial comp./tensile tests, triaxial, abrasion, permeability, point load, ultrasonic properties, soundness)
Field tests: (plate load, vane shear, static/dynamic cone penetrometers, SPT, field density (incl. nuclear),vibration measurements, rock direct shear )
Drilling & sampling: (wash boring, rotary drilling, mechanized auger drilling, hollow stem auguring, thin walled, split spoon, Denison samplers)
Geophysical exploration: (resistivity, seismic tests)
Field instrumentation & monitoring: (settlement measurements, water level indicators, piezometers, extensometers, GPS instruments)
Field investigations for landslides, quarries and construction materials.

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