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Geotechnical Engineering test

Geotechnical Engineering Testing

Soil classification & strength tests:

(particle size, shrinkage, erodibility,

direct shear, standard triaxial test, CBR)

•Compressibility & drainage tests:

(consolidation, compaction,

permeability) •Advanced tests: (stress

path controlled triaxial, large scale static

triaxial, ROWE consolidation, resistivity)

•Rock tests: (uniaxial comp./tensile tests,

triaxial, abrasion, permeability, point

load, ultrasonic properties, soundness)

•Field tests: (plate load, vane shear,

static/dynamic cone penetrometers,

SPT, field density (incl. nuclear),vibration

measurements, rock direct shear )

•Drilling & sampling: (wash boring,

rotary drilling, mechanized auger

drilling, hollow stem auguring, thin

walled, split spoon, Denison samplers)

•Geophysical exploration: (resistivity,

seismic tests)

•Field instrumentation & monitoring:

(settlement measurements, water level

indicators, piezometers, extensometers

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