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Structural Health Monitoring

Condition Assessment of Column-Prima Mill Trincomalee

The flour mixing building is a 12

storied reinforced concrete structure

under construction as an expansion to

the existing facility at PRIMA Mill in

Trincomalee. It is basically a

rectangular building with 54

4.3mx4.3m rectangular silos inside in

each level from the 6th floor to the

top. The overall dimensions of the

building are 31.5m x 46.1m . The lower

six floors are used as flour mixing and

processing space and consists of other

flour mixing equipment.

The objective of this condition

assessment is to determine the current

condition of the columns at locations

K14/K15- 6th floor and to propose

appropriate methodologies and

techniques to Repair/Rectify the

specific column to improve the

structural soundness and integrity of

the building.

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